We are so excited to be offering this fall:

  • Learn How to Roller Skate Classes
  • Roller Dance Classes
  • Roller Dance Drop-in Jam Sessions
  • Roller Skate Parties

Calgary Roller Skate is a collaboration between Free Spirit Dance and Nerd Skates to keep roller skating alive in Calgary!


Every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Five years old up to adult. We break into groups based on skill level and age. Youth will be split up from the adults. Vecova Recreation Center Location (3304 33 Street NW)

Have you always wanted to roller skate but are too scared to face plant? Or maybe you already can roller skate but would like to learn different skills to move past beginner such as: backwards skating, crossovers and more advanced ways to stop other than the toe stop? Roller Skating is unique and fun workout that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. We want you to be able to experience this amazing sport with confidence. Stay after class and practice in our open Jam Session for free! Our instructors are Skate IA Level 1 & 2 certified.

BEGINNER: In this class you will learn how to balance, roll forward and stop with confidence.

SKILLS: Learn how to backwards skate, crossovers forwards and backwards, mohawks, hockey stops, t-stops, jumps and more!

RENTAL SKATES: if you need skates there will be an option to purchase “with rental skates” at checkout. Once registered, please email us your size at info@calgaryrollerskate.com. We need 24 hours notice if you need rental skates.

If you want to inline skate we don’t have rentals but you are welcome to bring them and we teach both quad and inline.

PROTECTIVE GEAR IS MANDATORY: You must have full gear for your safety. This includes a helmet, wrist guard, elbow and knee pads. We have protective gear that you can rent. Please let us know via email if you are in need of gear.



Have you always wanted to not only roll on roller skates but learn to dance on them as well? Register for our fall roller dance classes that run every three weeks and learn how to groove out on skates. Classes are at Free Spirit Dance location.



This is an open drop-in to practice to share information of all levels. Roller Dance Jam Sessions are not teacher instructed classes. There will be a facilitator each week to guide the Jam Session but everyone is free to mix and mingle and share information and practice together in groups, on their own etc. Our goal is to build and grow the community of roller dance!



Lloyd’s Roller Rink is no longer open but we still rent space and throw roller skate parties where you can still roll! These roller dance parties are open to all ages and are held once a month. Check back soon for our Fall Dates!


Rental skates are available so you can try a class to see if you like it. As you progress, we recommend taking the next step and buying your own skates. Fit is important for both your skill and comfort and investing in a pair of skates means you will have better experience in class and can practice on your own!

To purchase skates check out our local skate shop, NERD ROLLER SKATES. Roxy will measure and size your feet correctly and help you find a pair of skates that feel like a glove and help you roll with ease.


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