“What does it mean to be a Free Spirit? For me it means daring to step outside your comfort zone, societal norms and expectations. It means daring to own your truth when there is a lot of noise trying to tell you that you are wrong. It means following your passions with wild abandon no matter the looks you get or whispers. It means dancing down the street when people might be watching but you just don’t care. It means being you in all your wonderful weirdness and eclectic layers. Sometimes situations makes us question our path and we feel our light dimming. I had that kind of week so to remember who I am, my truth and my path – I danced just for me tonight. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we are worth it. Worth the effort. Worth the journey less traveled. So my dear Free Spirits you are why I love to the very core what I do. Keep pushing. Keep showing up to who you are. May we all be brave together, to be the best we can be both inside and outside the studio. To live a life outside the box and most importantly, to follow our passions by living life on our own terms.”

Love and light, 😘

Theresa, Owner of Free Spirit Dance

Live. Love. Dance. BE FREE.



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