Calgary Dance and Fitness Classes

Our Mission Statement is not just words on a paper. It’s a part of all we do at Free Spirit Dance.

“Free Spirit Dance is an adult dance and fitness studio in Calgary catering to adult dance classes, fitness classes, performance opportunities and more. Free Spirit was created to help others find freedom in movement through the body, mind and soul connection. At Free Spirit Dance every person has the right to create, express and be free without judgment. To be the best we can be both inside and outside the studio; to live life outside the box; and most importantly, to follow our passions by living life on our own terms.

Live. Love. Dance. BE FREE.”

Why Us?

A message from the owner, Theresa:

Welcome to Free Spirit Dance, a dance and fitness studio just for adults! A place where everyone is welcome, free to express themselves and to free to live life out loud and proud! I didn’t start dance until my early 20s. I am a bit of an anomaly in the dance community as most professional dancers start when they are very young. I wanted to create a space specifically for adults based on my own dance and fitness journey. Maybe you have never danced before and you have always wanted to try or maybe you danced when you were young and you just want to experience the joy of movement again. It can be intimidating to try new things as an adult and stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. At Free Spirit we foster an inclusive community where you can feel free to try new things without judgment. It’s good to try new things. You never know what new and exciting things you might find out about yourself. I never new that one dance class in Cuba so many years ago would lead into a passion that is now my career.

I also wanted to create a space where you can experience an amazing workout that is fun! Dance is fun! Fitness is fun! 😀

Free Spirit Dance was born out of a commitment to stop saying ‘no’ to who I was, and to start saying ‘yes’. Each day I kept showing up to who I was, worked on my craft and stopped worrying about what others thought. I didn’t need to be the best dancer, I needed to be the best ‘me’ I could possibly be. I didn’t know where it would lead me but at least I knew I would be happy. Once I made the decision to keep saying ‘yes’ to the things that made my soul happy and worked on my craft with more focus, I was finally dancing to the beat of my own dreams and not others. It liberated my soul in a way words cannot express. The opportunities started to flow. When I accepted who I was and let go of what I was not, that is when Free Spirit Dance came to life. It was never my intent to open a dance studio when I started on my soul searching journey of accepting the artist within me. It actually found me.

Free Spirit Dance was named to represent not just finding my own freedom to break free and become what I was called to be, but it was to inspire others to do the same! It’s about finding freedom from within ourselves. What I love most about movement, is that it is just good food for the soul! It makes you feel alive! Don’t be afraid to try. We are a fun and inclusive bunch at Free Spirit! 🙂

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