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“Theresa brings out the best in others. She doesn’t just choreograph or teach dance, she empowers. That’s my favorite thing about her.” -Connie Jakab

“I have known Theresa to the capacity as an instructor, dance partner and choreographer. She’s one of the most diligent and creative dancers and instructors in Calgary. Expect respect, great work ethic and professionalism from her. Utmost, expect results and creativity at their best.” -Philippe Armand

“I had the pleasure to join Pretty Girl Swag dance team in 2012. Theresa was an amazing instructor! She has a real passion for dance and it showed when she was teaching. Her commitment to her team is undeniable. Thanks to Theresa I have found my passion for dancing.” – Lili

“I took reggaeton classes with Theresa and also danced in her dance troupe Pretty Girl Swag. I was amazed by her unique teaching style. She made every practice such a fun experience that I would look forward to it every week to the day we would get together to practice again. She is a very patient teacher and constructively guides her students without pointing out their mistakes in a hurtful way. Theresa is now a good friend of mine and so are all of the girls I danced with – that is the type of environment she creates in her classes. I would definitely recommend her for classes to all of my friends.” –Geri Mitkova

“I’ve been dancing almost all my life. Ballroom, Argentine tango and a lot of Latin dances.  I’ve always liked to get my moves and steps perfect, and sometimes I lost the joy in the process. Tere’s classes are great! Fresh and innovative choreo every class. She challenges her students with difficult, but not overwhelming steps. I love her classes! We always have a lot of fun. They are great for both men and women, even if sometimes we learn how to be “divas”. I learned a lot of body isolations during warm-ups that came in handy doing other genres of dance. Love the little bit of hip hop mixed into reggaeton. If Tere is teaching, there is a lot of fun and great atmosphere.” – Zosia Williams

“I was very lucky when my path crossed with Theresa when I auditioned for her salsa piece in The Cypher dance production. She impressed me from the very first time (the audition). She transmitted an amazing energy where it almost felt as if she was translating all her inner non-stop creativeness into a very organized and focused choreography. I was chosen to dance in the Cypher and the experience turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had with dancing! Theresa as a choreographer demonstrated  first her passion for teaching and transmitting her knowledge in dancing, secondly her amazing creativity starting from the salsa steps and choreography and more importantly with the system she used to teach every step which made it clear for every one. Before this performance I have never attended a formal dance class in my life, but I can guarantee that thanks to her I had an extraordinary improvement. With this experience Theresa communicated her passion for dancing and found mine, leaving me anxious to keep exploring different dance styles and willingly to keep working with her.” – Perla Cota

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