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Bachata Sensual Workshop with Dennis Pinzon

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn  from the best!

Do you have some bachata foundations when dancing with a partner? Do you struggle to follow this style when asked to dance? Taken some bachata classes but are unfamiliar with bachata sensual or still struggle to lead and follow it well? Then this class is for you! This 2.5 hour workshop with Dennis will take you through the foundations of leading and following bachata sensual well. Instead of learning choreography you will learn how to lead and follow patterns with confidence so that your dance card is always full. 
Please note this is a workshop and cannot be used with drop-in passes. Must be purchased separately.

A bit about Dennis: 

Dennis Pinzon is a well-known bachata dancer in Calgary specializing in sultry Bachata. He has instructed and travelled to many Bachata Congresses across North America – learning from some of the best Bachata dancers around the world. Known for being a fun, motivating and energetic instructor – you can learn a lot by participating in one of his classes or watching him sweat it on the dance floor!
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