We are excited to announce we are reopening Monday, March 29. All classes will be following low-intensity protocols set out by the Alberta Government. Unfortunately certain classes cannot be modified for low intensity such as Zumba and Booty Lift Triple Threat. For now, those classes will have to remain online until the government eases restrictions further. Looking forward to seeing you all in the studio!


Important Note About Booking a Drop-In Class for In Studio Classes

Wellness check must be filled in before coming to the studio each time you come in. If you take multiple classes in a night you only have to fill it out once. This can be found on the main page of our website.

We have a new strict 5 hour cancellation policy in place. If you don’t cancel in the allotted time, you will be charged a $15 late fee; or if you have a drop-in pass, you will lose a class of your pass. We will need to be strict about this because if you don’t cancel on time, it takes away the opportunity for a paying student to take the class. With limited spots we want to make sure everyone has a chance to take the classes.

Wait List: New government restrictions have limited class sizes to only 9 students per class. We do have a wait list. If you are on the wait list, our system will send you either a text and/or email asking you to confirm your spot. If you have turned off your notification setting in your account you, won’t receive a message. Please check if you have both text and email boxes checked off by logging into your Mindbody account. Please make sure your phone number is also on your account to receive the text notification.

Once you log into your Mindbody account, under “Account Information” be sure to check off the the Email and Text boxes under “Reminders and schedule changes.

See photo below.

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